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Introducing BT10.1

Discussion in 'Bloodtek Official Discussion' started by Kerbangocwm, Mar 23, 2017.

By Kerbangocwm on Mar 23, 2017 at 8:04 PM
  1. Kerbangocwm

    Kerbangocwm Network Owner Staff Member Owner Partner Director Server Admin Server Mod Webmaster Junior Mod

    Welp this is our biggest pack update in a year.
    Here is what we did

    Removed Tree Capitator
    Removed Adventure packs (bugged when you die with gravestones and a duping bug)
    Removed Hamsters (crashes occasionally)

    Minor config edits to

    What did we add to the pack
    1. Ars Magica .009 up form .008 to fix a bug that caused you to lose all research when you switch between dimensions.
    2. Updated Railcraft for misc bug fixes
    3. Added Hats for some fun
    4. Added Hat Stands because i could
    5. Added Inventory pets for those buffs and stuff to do
    6. Added ichunutils so we could run hats
    7. Added SYNC for PIGPOWER
    8. added NEI addons to help with item sorting
    9. Added Thaumcraft Nei Addon for those who ant a easier time with thaumcraft
    10. Readded Iquana tweaks for some more difficulty
    11. Added No more recipe conflicts mod (sounded good)

    The world was reset at 6pm. We could not keep everyones inventories. Sorry folks. This will be the last update we have for awhile unless its a critical bug fix! Have fun, dig deep, hide fast, die well!

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Discussion in 'Bloodtek Official Discussion' started by Kerbangocwm, Mar 23, 2017.

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    1. Tyler90jr
      For those who are upset with the reset, please remember that we have been telling everybody the back was in beta because things like this can happen when something is being developed, also please note that restarts are needed on every server at some point in time to refresh the player base or just to start a new chapter for the server, this was not the case for bloodtek but it's just my comment on the topic. That being said i feel that everyone that was affected by The change to the world should atleast take the chance to play the pack on the world and use the knowledge they gained from the other world to get a quicker and more efficient start to the pack. I know for one, I am going to enjoy playing the new world. And remember guys Have fun, dig deep, hide fast, die well!
    2. Kerbangocwm
      Yeah, what he said
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