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The Following rules and Policies cover the entire network including all servers and communications as well as the website and donation store.
This list of rules and policies listed here are a foundation and each individual server could have its own additions based on the servers needs!
Those additions shall be listed in Blue

J-Squared Network Rules and Policies.

1. Terms of Service and this rule set.
The Terms of service on the website is exactly that. TERMS OF SERVICE! This ToS governs everything you interact with on the network.
This rule set is by no means a replacement but a addition to. Please refer to the ToS if you have any questions regarding the ToS.

2. Staff Reserve the right to inspect, teleport to, open and investigate any players personal or chest inventory at any time.
There is no reasonable expectation of privacy on any server in the network and players agree by playing on the J-squared network to abide by this.
A. Staff reserve the right to remove, replace or relocate any item of question from the players inventory or base or chest after inspection.

3. Players are at no time allowed to claim they are staff or work for the J-Squared Network.
Any player claiming to be a member of the staff or the organization shall face a Temporary ban of 2 days/48 hours for the first offense
A second offense will result in Permanent ban from the network and loss of appeal.

4. No player is allowed to exploit, dupe, or cheat any of the game mechanics. This includes, but is not limited to: x-raying, 3rd Party Software,
scripts, bots, AFK machines, or computer code of any kind. Anyone found to break this rule will be banned.
(We have been around a long time. Everyone gets caught, its only a matter of time.)

5. Use of language deemed inappropriate is not allowed. This is determined by the staff.
Common sense should be used here. This includes Masking (i.e F**K)

6. Altering of any server build shall result in the player being banned.

7. Griefing of any kind on the J-Squared Network is not allowed unless noted on the individual server.
Griefing means Stealing, Altering, Moving, hiding any players items.
8. Bypassing player claims in any way is considered Griefing and will result in ban.

9. Players are not allowed to ask for free items excessively. This includes ranks and kits!
Its annoying and will result in your being kicked or banned.

10. Advertising rule: You want to advertise your server or channel, ask. We wont discourage it providing you ask for permission before doing it.
Anyone advertising a server other then our own will be banned without question.
We wont have a problem if you offer the same for us in return on that server. ASK PERMISSION FIRST!

11. Burden of proof is on you. If you lose an item due to server lag, your base ends up a pile of nothing, something is stolen,
it is up to you, the player, to provide proof you had an item. I take screen shots before logging off every time I play minecraft,
you should too. If you cant find your screen shots, ask a staff member for help! All screen shots can be emailed to [email protected]

12. No racial or religious inflammatory statements, builds, skins, post are allowed. This is a Zero Tolerance Policy.
Yes, you can have a Hitler statue (Bteam). No, you cant build huge penis towers!

13. No discusion of politics are allowed on J-Squared except noted areas. This is strickly enforced at all times.

14. No chunkloading is allowed unless purchased. Anyone found chunkloading without permisison will have that chunk rendered to bedrock.

15. Complaining , arguing, and fighting with staff is a pointless endeavor and will only get you banned. Please just dont do it!

16. The Owners reserve the right to kick anyone from the server out of shear annoyance.
If your one of those playdrs that just has to be obnoxious then you will get kicked.
Examples are (Typing in caps, Arguing, spamming junk, building towers for no reason, just doing things that would be deemed annoying)

17. The Douchebag rule. If your just being a douchebag, you will be kicked. This is actually a repeat of rule 16 but is much broader in scope.

18. Any use of the word cunt will result in immediate ban without warning. No language warnings will be given. This rule will be strictly enforced!

19. Anyone coming onto the server to offer constructive dialog will be welcome. Challenging the Owners and Staff will only result in your ban.
Don't be a douchebag and get yourself banned for no other reason than your ego posturing. IF your so awesome then please feel free to setup your own server!

20. There is no free speech on the server. You as a player have no rights on the server other then those granted by the owner.
Claiming your rights have been violated will only get you laughed at and kicked! Just dont do it!

21. All of our servers are english only except those designated as non english servers. Refrain from continual chat in anyhting other then english.
Use private message for non english chats please.

22. No mystcraft items are allowed to be sold on the market or in player shops at anytime! (Tekkit)

23. No selling of Donator items of anykind at anytime

J-Squared reserves the right to change, alter or remove and add any rules as seen fit without warning at anytime. Notice will be given of changes in advance.

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