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We are now taking PAYGOL as a payment gateway for your store purchases. No more paypal to worry about. Please now right now it only accepts visa, mastercard, discover. We have applied for the other payment options with paysafe but these take time. Please note there is a .75 increase in all purchases to help cover the card processing at this time. Once we get this figured out we will drop that. Have fun and play nice, dont be that guy

I have decided to allow players to trade steam items on steam client for donation packages.
This is subject to change and the value of the item being traded must meet the dollar amount of the package. Not what you think it will be in 2 months. Its current value must be equal or greater. This is a trial program and if it works we will fit it into the payment options.

to get live bodies in to start testing. Ranks are not setup yet, neither are shops etc... you can play normal but things will change settings wise as we go.
Have fun!
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved EXPERT MODE


This server is expert mode meaning
1 Sethome
No economy
No Help
No Kits

Just pure expert mode.
Hello all,

While my presence has not been widely shown in and on our forums, or around our couple of servers as of recent, believe me, I have been here, and I'm here to tell those of you who are anxiously awaiting our renewed Tekkit server that it will be ready within this week.

Bear with us, as we've had some difficulties with staffing and we are here to maximize your enjoyment on all of our servers.

While you guys wait, try our modpack Bloodtek on the Technic launcher! The last updates have been made, and those of you who value PvP will enjoy it! Magic, tech, the whole shebang!

Updates on the state of the Tekkit server will come as soon as things are being finished up, both on here, and on our Twitter. Make sure to follow us there as I'll be updating more frequently there.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: If there's anything that you want to see on the Tekkit server, comment here or message me and let me know! We're here to create a fun experience for our guests!

Owner - Jazzybabe_
Today i am announcing the 2nd gen build of bloodtek. Today i have released officially the v2 pack. All clients wil be updated to the v2 pack today. The bloodtek server has been updated to the new pack version. This version is the latest in the long life of the pack. Filled with everything we could get into it and make it usable and not a lag beast.

Have fun and enjoy the new tricks and mods

I am pleased to announe the release of a small update for bloodtek today
I have added

Waila addon so you will get more information from your tool tips
Endercore for waila
Vendor blocks to all some small economy on the server.

As always please comment and press the like button on technic for us.

Visit our facebook at
I would first like to thank everyone who helped us reach this point.
We are at RELEASE.
This means pending disaster no more world resets.
The pack has been updated for Release

Changes made
1. I lowered the spawn rate of meteors yet again
2. Update the server.dat file with the new server address
3. Added Twilight forest
4. Added RFtools
5. Add Compact machines
6. Changed the way the server loads the mods order

As always any questions or complaints, post em up. Also, I would appreciate you pushing the like button on Technics page.
Yes i got it up but it was a wipe. I tried to fix it but the ore dict was to corrupt. I did however give you all a couple starter foods and armor.


some can see it as
bloodtek.j-squared.co withiout the port! I will update the pack tommorrow with the new port