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J-Squared Gaming Network

Minecraft Community Network

We are now running the newest release
Please upgrade your clients. The world is intact so you have not lost your progress!

As the owner of j-squared, I often get asked what makes a server last. What is the secret to success. Staff! It's all about staff. So I want to take this time to thank my staff. In no order of importance.
Thank you for allowing me to guide you and for being the coolest slackers in Minecraft.

And prehaps the most important addition and single handedly saved the server from my frustrated deletion, Viserate.
Thank you team and trust me, we have just begun.

Aka Kerbango
Well everyone, after a long day of fixing and testing, we would like to tell you todays tekkit server updates!
1. We fixed the lag at spawn
2. We fixed clearlag killing all the animals. Opps
3. We fixed the issue with donators not being able to place chunkloaders purchased on the store.
4. We cleaned up some laggy builds!
5. Removed the stupid trippy warp.
6. We added 2 payment forms to the shop. Paygol and Paypal Express to our Paypal Business profile.

We are continuing to work hard for you all and make the experience of our tekkit server is unchallenged.

Thanks for playing J-Squared
Another Regular Update:
1. Today i am happy to announce we finally pulled the trigger on enjin and have removed it. We have moved to buycraft and currently setting up the shop.
2. We fixed the playershops to allow 2 choices now:
Signshop and Chestshop
3. We fixed the permissions in the admin shops to allow players to clickthe signs. OOOPPS
4. The vote keys will no longer have the chance of getting nothing. Every key will receive a reward. We are still workin out the bugs with the rewards.
5. I have decided to make a staff change. Announcement will be coming soon.
6. have increased to total amount of ram on the tekkit server to 16gig.

Thats it for now, have fun and remember to vote!

Sorry for the issues. The server however was rolled back to 4am 7/29/2017
About 12 hours was lost in the rollback
Changes coming. So with this title I will make the first announcment.

We will be ending the bloodtek project as of noon today the 28th of July. The server will be taken down. It has been a awesome 3 year run with my custom modpack. I appreciate everyone who threw their hats into that ring with me. But it is time for me to move on.

With this I am.proud and excited to introduce our next exciting adventure .

The current bloodtek server will be converted to a 1.10 FTB Beyond server.
Yep we are making the swing to FTB.
We think this will.maoe a fine addition to our Network accompanied with the FTB infinity evolved expert mode server we already have. Stay tuned for.more information as this will develop fast.

We are now taking PAYGOL as a payment gateway for your store purchases. No more paypal to worry about. Please now right now it only accepts visa, mastercard, discover. We have applied for the other payment options with paysafe but these take time. Please note there is a .75 increase in all purchases to help cover the card processing at this time. Once we get this figured out we will drop that. Have fun and play nice, dont be that guy

I have decided to allow players to trade steam items on steam client for donation packages.
This is subject to change and the value of the item being traded must meet the dollar amount of the package. Not what you think it will be in 2 months. Its current value must be equal or greater. This is a trial program and if it works we will fit it into the payment options.

to get live bodies in to start testing. Ranks are not setup yet, neither are shops etc... you can play normal but things will change settings wise as we go.
Have fun!